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About RS Joinery

I established RS Joinery in 1987 after completing my Advanced City & Guilds Qualification in Carpentry and Joinery that same year. Since then I have steadily built my business as a professional carpenter in Norfolk, improving my craft and my workshop, enabling me to undertake a wide range of commissions.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Carpenters , one of the foremost bodies advancing the craft of carpentry and joinery, and upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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 What makes RS Joinery different? 


Style and Integrity:

Whether you like cool, contemporary lines, chunky rustic styles or traditional solid design, with RS Joinery's 20+ years of experience, we ensure you have a unique and outstanding example of British craftsmanship in your home. 


Nothing mass produced:

Every item, whether it is a bedside table or wardrobe, is crafted by hand to a high level of workmanship. While some items follow similar designs, each item will have its own quirks and character that you will never find in a department store.


Sustainable materials:

RS Joinery only ever takes it's wood from renewable sources, so you can feel even better about commissioning something that will last for years. As a professional carpenter in Norfolk, I am well-practiced working on all kinds of wood.





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Come and visit my workshop

Come and see a professional carpenter in Norfolk practice their trade to the highest level of expertise. I am located at 27b Lynn Road, just a stone’s throw from Downham Market town centre. If you like, we can have a chat about creating a custom piece of furniture. Polite enquiries are always welcome.




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If you are looking to have something unique and beautiful in your home, call RS Joinery today on 01366 388 359, for a chat and a free quote.

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