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 Frequently asked questions

Can you help with designing wooden furniture if I'm not sure what I want?

Yes, I can help. We'll talk through your ideas, making sure I understand your requirements. From there, a plan or sketch can be drawn up so you can visualise what it will look like when it's completed.

What if I want something copied?

I can replicate listed building work, or duplicate an item of wooden furniture if you wish.

What kind of woods are used? Do I have a choice?

You can use any type of wood for our project, as long as it is strong enough for the task or workable enough to be crafted. Please note that I only work with wood.

Do you have any examples of work you have done?

Have a look through some of the images on the website, or if you like you can visit my workshop and see some examples being crafted first-hand.

What kind of finish can I expect?

The finish is completely your choice, although I am happy to advise. I can finish the wooden furniture to look natural, painted, oiled, or waxed, depending on the application.





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